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Insurance for your Barber Shop -or- Salon Business

Providing superior customer service to your patrons is the reason you got into business. Liberty Mutual Insurance has seen firsthand the negative effects that the loss of a patron’s property, the dislocation of your business due to fire, or a customer accident on your premises can have on your customers, your financial wellbeing, and your hard-earned reputation.

Salon Insurance

Our products offer coverage tailored to the complex exposures faced by a wide variety of personal service businesses, from dry cleaners, photographers, and cobblers to barbershops, and beauty salons. You can depend on Liberty Mutual to help safeguard your inventory, equipment, customers, and more.

Customized Coverage for Your Business

Your business is like no other. That’s why we offer tailored coverages to meet your unique needs.

Tailored Coverages Address Your Complex Needs

  • For businesses of all types that take possession of items for customers, Liberty Mutual provides coverage for the unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance of customers’ goods. (Unexplained Loss or Mysterious Disappearance)
  • If a customer has placed new or nearly new items or goods into your hands, Liberty Mutual offers replacement cost coverage for loss or damage to goods. (Goodwill Replacement Valuation Endorsement)
  • If a customer sustains an injury on your premises, Liberty Mutual can cover medical expenses regardless of whether you are legally liable for the injury. (Medical Payments)
  • Coverage can be provided above your primary limits if an employee, driving his or her own car for a business errand, causes a traffic accident that injures several people in other vehicles. (Umbrella)
  • Tools owned by your employees can be protected against loss or damage while at your premises or in transit. (Employee Tools)
  • Depending on the nature of your business, a great deal of money or securities in various forms may be exchanged with customers or patrons. Liberty Mutual offers coverage for the loss of money and securities due to theft, disappearance, or destruction. (Money and Securities)
  • For barbershops and salons, we offer coverage should a product or process cause an unexpected injury to a patron. (Barbers/Styling Salon Professional Liability Endorsement)

The Best Possible Outcome on Every Claim

When Liberty Mutual is handling your claim, you can expect them to do what’s right, to provide solutions, to be there when we’re needed, and to make the process as easy as possible.

Liberty Mutual's dedicated general liability, auto, property, workers compensation, and employee benefits units ensure that your claim will be managed by the right person with the right expertise. Your claims handler can answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the life of the claim, allowing you to focus on your business.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Commercial automobile – Covers physical damage to your vehicles, and covers your legal liability in the case of auto accidents.
  • Data breach and cyber liability – Covers the cost of notifying affected individuals, managing public relations and securing legal defense if sensitive data is compromised.
  • Umbrella – Goes above your commercial auto and general liability limits, providing additional protection for your business in the event of a large claim or lawsuit.
  • Workers compensation – Helps cover an injured worker’s lost wages and medical costs, and provides return to work support due to a workplace injury.

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